Allergy Testing

Lawrenceville Family Practice offers a comprehensive approach to allergy testing, crucial for diagnosing and managing allergies. Our services encompass a broad range of allergens, including food, environmental triggers, and pet dander. Utilizing advanced diagnostic methods, the practice conducts skin and blood tests to accurately identify allergens, providing a foundation for personalized treatment plans.

We use a comprehensive patient care approach, emphasizing education and detailed discussions about test results. This includes crafting customized management strategies, advice on allergen avoidance, medication prescriptions, and when necessary, referrals to specialists. By equipping patients with knowledge and tools for everyday management, Lawrenceville Family Practice enhances the quality of life for those with allergies. Our dedicated focus on patient education and tailored care plans enhances our commitment to improving health outcomes and patient well-being in allergy management.

Environmental Allergy Skin Testing:

Environmental allergies are triggered by normally innocuous substances known as allergens—like pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites, and cockroaches—that can provoke immune system overreactions in susceptible individuals. To manage such allergies, which may be seasonal or persist year-round, your doctor will discuss various treatments or avoidance of specific allergens altogether.

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