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Our Providers

The physicians of Lawrenceville Family Practice have taken and passed the examination given by the National Board of Family Practice. The test is retaken every seven to ten years and must be passed to maintain this status. Recertification is mandatory for Board Certified Family Practice Physicians. Our Physician Assistants are also board certified, and our Family Nurse Practitioner is a Masters prepared Family Nurse Practitioner.

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Robert Guerreso, DO, of Lawrenceville Family Practice
Robert Guerreso, DO
Thomas Whiteneck, DO, of Lawrenceville Family Practice
Thomas Whiteneck, DO
Daniel Van Riper, DO, of Lawrenceville Family Practice
Daniel Van Riper, DO
Sheri Shiels, PA-C, of Lawrenceville Family Practice
Sheri Shiels, PA-C
Alex Ruiz, FNP-C, of Lawrenceville Family Practice
Alex Ruiz, FNP-C
Danielle Kemp, PA-C, of Lawrenceville Family Practice
Danielle Kemp, PA-C

What is a Doctor of Osteopathy (DO)?

A DO is a Doctor of Osteopathy. Osteopathic Physicians are fully licensed physicians encompassing all specialties in all 50 states. The DO degree is conferred upon physicians in the same manner as allopathic physicians, MD, after completing 4 years of Medical School and residency training. Osteopathic physicians have additional training performing manipulative therapy for spinal ailments.

What is a PA and NP and what can they do in comparison to a doctor?

PA stands for Physician Assistant. A PA has several years of postgraduate training in clinical medicine after a college degree. Our PAs are board certified and take continuing medical education courses every year just like our physicians do.

NP stands for Nurse Practitioner, and they first obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and then attend postgraduate training and graduate with a Master’s Degree in Nursing. NPs are also board certified and take continuing medical education courses yearly.

Both disciplines treat patients from the age of 6 years and up for “sick” visits. They also perform Women’s Well Exams, PAP-smears, and Sports Physicals. In addition, the PA performs Adult Well Exams in our office up to the age of 60 years. Both PA’s and NP’s also treat patients in our office for Depression/Anxiety.

Hospital Privileges

We maintain a strong referral network of specialists, and our physicians have courtesy privileges at both Gwinnett Medical Center and Eastside Medical Center.


Lawrenceville Family Practice is committed to providing patients with convenient access to high-quality care. We believe that providing high-quality care is not only about the medical advice that we dispense, but more importantly about the relationships we have with our patients. We continue to strive to be a leader for innovative medical practices.


Lawrenceville Family Practice was founded to provide care for the residents of our community and has served the Lawrenceville area with family primary care physicians since 1995. Thanks to our supportive patients, we have been able to grow our practice to three Physicians, two Nurse Practitioners and one Physician Assistant who serve over 95,000 patients in our community. Our caring staff can provide a lifetime of care for your entire family!