Lawrenceville Family Practice or LFP as we call it, was first founded on the simple idea to treat everyone with the same level of care we would want for our family and loved ones. When I took the torch, not only did I continue this key foundation, but I also expanded to make LFP the first and many times the only place to go for full body and mind care. We expanded to have in office labs to help prevent unnecessary ER trips, and we brought more imaging into our office with our relationship with Women’s Imaging Specialist. 

Another area LFP got into was the aesthetic field. I made the expansion because I was dissatisfied hearing negative outcomes from patients about their experiences. I found too often places people go are all about yes, we can achieve your desired outcome and were only about taking people’s money.  I’m a strong believer in no if this is the truth.  As in no this is not the right solution for you because, either it just will not work, or it is too risky. I tell patients no because I am not after their money, but their care. As I said LFP is founded by the belief to treat everyone how they would treat their family and loved ones and I’m sure anyone reading this would not want them to be taken advantage of.

Our core aesthetics fall into three categories, body contouring, acne, and urinary incontinence. We chose these areas to start with because they not only affect physical health but also can change our emotional health for the better as well. 

For urinary incontinence we use Emsella, which you will find more detailed information here.  The quick information is the Emsella does 12,000 pelvic floor contractions or Kegel exercises in approximately 30 minutes. This exercise is the first- and second-line treatment for urinary incontinence. Anyone who urinates when coughing, sneezing, and worried about laughing too much understands the daily effect incontinence has. It has been amazing listening to success stories of our patients using Emsella young and old, male, and female. 

Our Acne treatment device is AviClear which is a 3-session laser treatment which eliminates the need for oral medication.   It is enjoyable watching our patient’s confidence personally change as their skin changes. As the acne disappears their confidence goes up. 

Last and my personal favorite is body contouring. Using a combination of TruBody and Sculp we can build muscle, reduce belly fat and all without surgery. For me body sculpting is artwork where we are the unfinished stone and using a personalized plan, we can end up becoming that priceless piece of art we all want to be.

People who know me say I can talk to a brick wall for hours as I love to educate, share, and being an honest voice in this world of information overload. I started this blog to share some of my insights that I find interesting and enjoyable. Hope you enjoy your time reading and reach out to me to set up an appointment.