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Routine Physical Examinations

Routine physicals are an important part of your general health care maintenance and are intended to assess your overall health. If you are experiencing specific problems, please schedule an office visit to address those concerns.

All of our providers perform PAP smears and sports physicals. All of our physicians perform both child well exams and adult well exams.

As a reminder, if you are scheduled for a routine physical, you must come in fasting 12 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time. You may have water and black coffee ONLY!

When to Schedule a Physical Exam

In general, you should have a complete physical examination

  • every five years in your twenties,
  • every three years in your thirties,
  • every other year in your forties,
  • and every year after fifty.

Women should have a yearly PAP test and a mammogram every year after forty.

Annual Exams & Insurance

Commercial insurance and managed care plan benefits for routine and preventive care vary with the plan. You should verify your benefits prior to services being rendered. Remember that having an insurance card may not mean automatically that you have coverage for routine or preventive care.

Medicare covers “Welcome to Medicare” physical within the first 6 months of coverage. Medicare coverage for preventive medicine is limited to specific preventive tests and exams that can be given only according to certain guidelines for how frequently these can be provided.

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